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About Our Company

At Architectural Metals LLC, we’re dedicated to crafting top-tier miscellaneous metal products that endure the test of time.

With our focus on quality and personalized service, we provide upgraded features, extended warranties, and customization options to match your specifications.

Whether you’re seeking a custom enclosure, container, or heavy-duty platform, we have the expertise to deliver. Get in touch today, and let’s bring your vision to life!

Your Solutions: Our Services Tailored for You

Expert metal craftsmanship

Welding & Fabrication

Welding and fabrication, the art of joining metals with precision and crafting structures that stand the test of strength and functionality

Metal & Stone Enhancements

Skillfully merging metal and stone: Rock walls, garden gates, reinforced concrete structures, casting to your specifications.

Research, Drafting & Design

As you envision, we're here to design specifically for you, creating innovative metal products that serve practical purposes or fulfill artistic visions.


Core Services

Welding services

Offering top-notch welding for various metals like aluminum and stainless steel. Whether for repairs or fabrication, we are dedicated to maintaining your project's integrity.

Architectural and Structural Metals Manufacturing

Fabrication of metal structures, where skilled craftsmanship meets precision engineering to forge robust frameworks that endure the test of time.

Specialized Construction

Innovative solutions for walls, foundations, drilling of stone/concrete, wood metal and fiberglass, and various construction projects
Other Services

Metal casting and forging services

Metal casting and forging services, where molten metal meets skilled craftsmanship to shape robust components with enduring strength

Polishing and painting

Expert finishing solutions for aluminum and stainless steel surfaces, specializing in mirror finish polishing and meticulous painting techniques to enhance durability and aesthetics.

Light machining - Drill, cut, punch, bend

Light machining for metal - shaping and refining materials with precision, achieving optimal functionality

Operations training - Technical data and welding

Comprehensive consultation - Proficiency in navigating technical data, regulations and ensuring seamless transactions and compliance within specialized domains.

CT. DOT Structural AWS D1.1, D1.5 (Stick welding) Unlimited Thickness

Certified by CT DOT in Structural SMAW welding, offering unparalleled precision and the capability to handle unlimited thickness.

X-Ray Certified (TIG Welding) Copper Nickel, Nickel - Copper, Monel/Inconell, Steel, & Stainless Steel

Proficient in X-Ray certified TIG welding, ensuring precision and achieving aesthetically pleasing joints across various metals.

Certified Flux Core (Mig Welding) Dual Shield - D1.6 Structural S/S

Certified Flux Core Dual Shield expertise in D1.6 Structural Stainless Steel mig-welding. Delivering robust and reliable solutions with precision.

Awarded for Infrastructure & Industrialization (SDG #9) United Nations - 2017

UN Award 2017: Recognized for advancing Infrastructure & Industrialization sustainability goals (SDG #9)

332323 - Metal Products Manufacturer

332323 - Precision metal products manufacturing

336413 - Ground Control Support Manufacturer

336413 - Ground Control Support Manufacturer, specializing in crafting reliable and innovative solutions for effective ground control support.

336414 - Subassemblies & Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturer

336414 - Crafting precision subassemblies and auxiliary equipment

332999 - All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing

332999 - Elevate your project with custom aluminum and powdercoating

Who We Serve

Tailored metal solutions, from construction and manufacturing to home and beyond.

Garden & landscape

From greenhouse propagation essentials to durable frames and tools, our offerings cater to cultivating thriving gardens. Stainless steel, aluminum, steel, or bronze materials elevate outdoor spaces with enduring railings, arches, gates, and borders, ensuring timeless aesthetics. - Groton Long Point, CT.

Marine construction

Mastering the art of enhancing demanding projects, we excel in fortifying challenging endeavors. -Riverside, RI.


We assist masonry companies by combining strength with style, integrating metal for durability and aesthetic appeal through core drilling and the addition of railings, gates, or fences. -Wamphassuc Point, CT.

Bespoke marine

Crafted with precision, our metal structures, including weather-protective fabric canopies, guarantee safety and lasting joy on the open seas - Poets Lounge. Noank, CT.


Restaurants embrace stainless steel metal for sustainable kitchens and stylish decor, offering both durability and design flair as a solution. - Capt. Daniel Packer Inne, Mystic, CT.

Site Visits

Ensuring close alignment with your expectations, our on-location welding expertise guarantees precise and tailored metalwork, delivering efficient results directly at your site. - New London CT.


Metal is essential for excavation and site work, strengthening equipment and structures vital for efficient operations. Our welding and fabrication expertise improves agricultural activities, making them more resilient and efficient, from robust machinery to durable platforms. - Tiverton, RI.

Machine shops

Precision welding is paramount for fortifying machined parts and enhancing end-product strength. Our expertise ensures the seamless integration of welded components, elevating overall quality and durability. - Sterling, CT.

Misc. Home Improvement

Home improvement embraces metal for durable fixtures and stylish accents, seamlessly blending functionality with modern aesthetics to enhance living spaces. - Quanaduck Cove, Stonington, CT.

Past Performance

Subcontractor: Defense Logistics Agency - #SPMYM221C0010 - Deep Draft Camels - US NAVY Trident Refit Facility - Puget Sound - 2022 LBI Groton CT.

Formerly served as a Pipe Welder, contributing expertise voluntarily to Groton CT. Parks & Recreation in the early 2000s.

Atlantic Marine Construction - Head Welder - Steel Bulkhead & Marine Travel Lift ramps - 2020

Godfrey Diving Services - Structural Aluminum Fab/Welder - Lightweight benches for Scientific Diving vessel- 2019

Terry Marine Construction - Structural Welder - Plum Island Research Center. Dept. of Homeland Security. New York

Client Testimonials

Working through the preliminary design, Aaron was friendly, punctual and detail oriented, complete with a wooden mock up installation to verify accuracy, prior to final assembly. My family and I were very happy with the quoted amount, quality installation and clean-up. In short, RJ and Judy Nickerson can strongly recommend Aaron for welded railing work.
RJ Knickerson
Home Owner, Mystic CT.
Aaron is a true gifted visionary and master crafter of stonewalls. I have a stone wall that was built without concrete or mortar, carefully constructed by hand with a natural slope. I have looked for a skilled stone person to fix my wall with no luck. My wall has been there for over 50 years. Overnight, squirrels excavating disrupted the integrity of the wall. The wall came crashing down in a pile of rubble. In a matter of five hours Aaron had my wall back together. Simply amazing! Aaron is a master visionary artist of stonework. Thank you so very much Aaron! (sent with loud effect)
Aaron, a seasoned craftsman in metalwork & stone wall construction, with decades of expertise. His genius-infused skill set manifests as creative, precise craftsmanship, transforming raw materials into artistic marvels. Notably, he crafted us an ornamental metal gate, complemented by a meticulously erected stone wall to border it within hours. Showcasing his versatility and creativity, Aaron's dedication and ability to translate concepts into awe-inspiring structures define him as a rare gem in the field. For those seeking extra-ordinary craftsmanship, Architectural Metals LLC. is synonymous with bringing visions to life.

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